Friday, May 1, 2009

Model Love: Siri the cutie!

My admiration for Norwegian model Siri Tollerød only grows as I discover more about her! In light of Mother's Day next weekend, this 21-year-old model will be the first model to receive my love! And I assure you, it's not because (or not only because) of her Mommie Dearest editorial...

Why I think Siri is awesome:

1. She doesn't smoke. THEREFORE SHE IS AUTOMATICALLY AWESOME. As you may know, many models smoke especially backstage at fashion shows, and it's quite depressing. No offense to those of you who smoke. May I suggest marijuana as a healthier alternative? Kidding. Sort of.

2. She appreciates yummy, wholesome foods and all forms of art. Two of my favorite things!

3. She started serious modeling AFTER secondary school. I often read about models who moved away from home when they were very young to really get into modeling. However, they miss out on the knowledge they could have gotten if they had stayed in school.

Some models opt for online schooling but it's still not the same experience. Doesn't everyone want to be a High School Musical!? (Hell no.) Plus, you grow up too fast when you start working full time that early...enjoy childhood/adolescence! We'll be working adults for most of our lives.

4. She has a great relationship with her mother, Aase
. And this is why I chose to feature Siri! Though Aase moved to Milan with her daughter when her modeling career just started and helped Siri move in to her New York apartment, Siri does not live with her mother anymore.
When you move away from home, you're doing your own thing without having to get permission from mom. But as Siri stated in the Modelinia video, her mother's support is very important to her.

5. She has the cutest smile and beautiful skin! Who needs Photoshop when you've got Siri?

Siri, keep doing your thing! Not only are you pretty and successful but you're also inspiring!

Images: Numéro 97, October 2008. Editorial: Mommie Dearest. Photography: Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello. Model: Siri Tollerød. via Omnis of TFS. Lula #6, Spring 2008. Editorial: Crown of Love. Photography: Ellen von Unwerth. Styling: Leith Clark. Model: Siri Tollerød. via Jottings of a Fashionista. Videos: Modelinia


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She's so pretty!