Wednesday, April 1, 2009

If today's deals weren't satisfying enough, here's another!

Whether you've been collecting discounted Hayden-Harnett goods, chasing down pink Topshop vans, online sample shopping, or preventing yourself from getting pranked, everyone has been enjoying April Fool's Day. I sure didn't. Not that I got pranked or anything.

This is just a quick post to inform you that Rue La La is kicking off it's Fendi Final Sale this morning at 11AM EST (8AM PST). The sale will run until April 4, 11AM EST. Remember, it's the final sale so once things are gone, they're gone for good. At least at Rue La La. Don't forget the invite link (clickclickclick)!

Other things to note:

1. I discussed Hayden-Harnett's NY store sample sale yesterday, but I didn't mention Hayden-Harnett's almost equally awesome online sample sale! Super cheap, Lucy-approved items to note: $15 small case, $10 canvas tote, $10 glasses case, $10 cloud luggage tag, $5 PVC belt. To be honest, it's not worth buying these items if they will be of little use to you, but if you just happened to be searching for a cheap designer belt or a glasses case (like me...those Coach glasses cases also need protection, no matter how sturdy they look), then this online sale may benefit you. For deeper discounts, you should go to the HH store in New York (click here for the map) where a pair of cute flats were sold for as little as $25, as. You MIGHT be lucky enough to find some nice remnants of the April 1 HH store frenzy.

2. Who can forget about Topshop NYC's opening when there's this Topshop hype going around in the fashion realm?? April 1 was your last chance to grab some freebies on the streets of NY. And now today, you can finally enter those Topshop NYC doors at 11AM EST. Actually, you probably won't be able to enter at exactly 11AM EST, because there must be people lining up in front of the store at this moment. I hear it's cold over in the East Coast still, right? By the way, Kate Moss will be making a cameo in the morning, cutting the ribbon at the store's opening!

Alright, I have GOT to get on track with school now. Have fun, New Yorkers (like you always do...).

Banner image: Photograph: shutter/bug on Flickr.


Mawlee said...

i had no idea you updated this. TOPSHOP OPENENENDNDNDNDNDND!!!

diamondsinchampagne said...

Omg so sad I saw this post now. Would have loved to check out the Fendi sale