Saturday, April 4, 2009

I was 14, going on Seventeen

Once upon a time, I subscribed to the tween magazine Seventeen. It boasted of fashion tips -- what is in and what is out. What was in during my freshman year of high school? "OH YES! - Tinted sunglasses lenses". What was out? "OH NO! - White sunglasses frames", for the supposedly looked cheap. Being the close-minded little adolescent I was, I believed Seventeen and the first pair of sunglasses I bought (er, I mean my aunt bought for me) were some trendy Paul Frank shades with tinted brown lenses (I cared more about the two-colored frame than the lenses, though).

As I grew older, I gradually realized that Seventeen lied to me about white frames. Some of them were so chic and expensive-looking. And a few days ago, I realized that Seventeen was indeed wrong and made a horrible generalization. Behold the Proenza Schouler Hipster sunglasses; rounded Wayfarer, edge meets formality, retro meets modernity. I absolutely love the unique shape of the frame and lens. So fresh! This pair of shades will flatter people of all ages, especially since it emits a youthful vibe without losing sensibility.

I sort of wish I bought a pair while it was sold on ideeli (this style sold out quite quickly), especially since they were priced lower than my Paul Frank glasses. Plus the big frames I currently own were too trendy at the time. Huge square frames are so over...we all need a pair of timeless shades!

While I am on the topic of sunglasses, ideeli just put up a batch of discounted Chloé shades. The return of the creme Filao II, the pair of sunglasses I had been lusting over. There's that sort of kind of Wayfarer shape again, but not as trapezoidal. I LOVE nude/creme colors. I have to say that this style is SO Chloé...can't explain why, though. I like the Proenza Schouler glasses more, though, plus the Filao II is more expensive.

Most of the items from the Chloe sale are sold out, but not all. Click here for an invitation link to ideeli and start buying!

Oh yes, moral of the blog post...don't listen to Seventeen! Actually, just don't read it -- it gives teenagers false hope and encourages young girls to idolize celebs. Plus, Seventeen issues smell funny.

from the film The Sound of Music via mamtajagdishdody on Youtube . Images: ideeli.


ryder said...

i absolutely agree that young people should not idolise celebs. no one should actually.

nadia said...

It's a sad day when you realise that the tween magazines you read were actually lying to you...hehe I remember going through this with the Australian equivalent to seventeen magazine.

I like the shape of the Chloe sunglasses, the Proenza Schouler ones don't suit me, unfortunately. I think cream is such a nice colour for summer!