Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Topshop's ingenious marketing ploy benefits YOU

Sorry about not blogging about this earlier, but I forgot that although I can't reach this rare East Coast event, others out there in the blogosphere can. Just yesterday, Sharon Clott of reported that a Topshop ice cream truck-like automobile that flashed "Everybody Loves Topshop" was parked at the corner of St. Marks Place near Third Avenue. I have no idea where that is but perhaps you do! This should totally matter to you because a woman standing nearby the truck is giving out Topshop gift cards containing as much as $500 for!

One commenter of this blog post writes that there is a bag full of gift cards and the catch is that you won't know how much your gift card contains until you use it at the store. Topshop is set to open next week, on April 2, and although the opening date has been postponed time and time again, things seem pretty legit this time.

Another commenter reported that the Topshop freebies giveaway includes tote bags filled with Topshop's magazine, postcards (including one to mail in for a Topshop contest), and a mini bottle of water. She, as well as another commenter, however, did not see any sign of a gift card giveaway.

But you might be luckier than them! If you're in the Big Apple, take advantage of Topshop's promotion scheme! The last day you can find the two Topshop trucks in the city is April 1, the day before the store's opening. Quick, the trucks are moving so track it here before you sprint for freebies!

--UPDATE 04.01.09--

Happy April Fool's Day! Don't get carried away with the pranks! There are other important things to do, such as chase down those Topshop vans (not a trucks) that will still be roaming the streets of New York City. Find these Heart Challenger vehicles (yes, that's what the vans have been dubbed) either by checking the Hearts Challenger locator or Twitter!

The locators will tell you exactly where the vehicles are and how fast they are moving (so don't stress your legs if you see that the vans are moving over 10 mph). The Topshop Twitter page will tell you when the van is moving and when it has stopped, along with its new location. But beware, Racked NY reports that Topshoppers are aggressive and pushy. Also, not many people are recieving gift cards in their totes so you should probably try asking the Topshop employee/van drive (?) about the gift cards.

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