Thursday, March 26, 2009

Swimming in a glossy sea

Like I've mentioned previously, I came home on Friday and I was surprised to find two months worth of unread fashion and news magazines lying allover my bedroom. These included

1 issue of Teen Vogue (April)
2 issues of Vogue (March, April)
2 issues of my new subscription to Harper's Bazaar (March, April)
1 issue of Time's Style & Design supplement (April 2009)
Far too many issues of Time and Newsweek

Yes, I'm a magazine whore. I become totally engrossed by vibrant spreads and stunning photographs in large formats. That Friday night after watching a surprisingly violent Slumdog Millionaire (an amazing film, nonetheless), I made a late night trip with some high school friends to Barnes & Noble, where we flipped through pages of novels and magazines...mostly magazines. I was so pleased to find the amount of foreign versions of Vogue that were available, but my main target was V magazine. I had been searching for the issue every since I laid eyes on's preview of Willy Vanderperre's stunning, yet stark shots of Raquel Zimmerman and Natasha Poly for V58. And there it was, right next to Vanity Fair (and right below, ahem, Maxim and all those magazines aimed primarily towards men...). I literally embraced the magazine.

And today, my friend just gave me the March issue of Nylon, part of a subscription I bought for her. So add that to my list of magazines and I have a total of SEVEN "new" and shiny fashion magazines! And now that I have discovered that my Barnes & Noble carries foreign magazines, I will probably be investing in periodicals much more. More on the only bookstore in town later...

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