Sunday, March 29, 2009

Seeing double in Chanel Haute Couture and FCUK

Kate Bosworth looked gorgeous in her Chanel Haute Couture ensemble at the Chanel Mobile Art opening in New York's Central Park. It wasn't too long ago when I first looked through an issue of Teen Vogue and saw a picture of the actress in that dress. The material looked stiff and delicate at the same time; I wondered if the dress moved well with the body. What I found most unusual but beautiful about the outfit, however, was the illusion of a bubble skirt beneath the bell-shaped portion of the "top". That, along with the silver material, truly enhanced the futuristic vibe coming from this dress.

I was reminded of the photograph of Kate when I just happened to look at the French Connection spring collection. I haven't looked at the website in ages but I was immediately intrigued by this black dress. It was the double hem! A more detailed picture of the dress, however, reveals that the black dress's material would not move like the Chanel dress. The description of this piece on the website claims it was a "ballet inspired dress", made of 80% cotton and 17% polyester. Though the Chanel dress seemed somewhat stretchable, at least around, I guess you can call them pleats (?), it looked quite stiff -- and it had to be in order to maintain that voluminous shape. The black dress still seems like a beautiful piece to wear, though. Just look at that neckline!

So are double hems the trend of future? The more the better, right? Or is this style reminiscent of that awful skirt over jeans trend? I personally love both dresses! I must note that Time magazine placed Kate Bosworth in her Chanel ensemble as no. 5 in Top 10 list of fashion faux pas in 2008. Whatever, Time just doesn't understand fashion (though they do put out interesting Style & Design supplement issues). Just remember, a double hemmed dress is NOT the same as wearing a skirt over another skirt.

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UPDATE: PEPLUM DRESS.  OMFG IT'S CALLED A PEPLUM DRESS.  It's August 19 and I just realized that.

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