Sunday, March 22, 2009

The price for pumps...sold by ideeli

I got home yesterday in the afternoon, which is quite early for me. I wish I could take the morning train more often but alas, my classes forbid it. While packing my necessities (sort of) just after working my ass off all night to finish a final paper, I must have been so dazed (and confused! heh!) that I forgot to pack a few of my belongings! So not only are my fisheye camera, rolls of film, and driver's permit (sort of but not really a permit, actually)...I left my picture card reader at my dorm! Until my parents are not asleep nearby the only computer in the house that reads more than one type of picture card, my recent captures that were intended to be posted here will have to wait until tomorrow to be uploaded. Wow, that was wordy.

So for now, I shall share a recent sale that piqued my interest. ideeli, a private sales website well-known by frugal fashionistas, is putting up Pour La Victoire shoes for sale at up to 72% off retail prices. I'm not so familiar with this brand (only know that ideeli quite often sells these shoes), but I am loving these modern, eye-catching styles that come in an array of colors.

I didn't buy anything from this sale (it's still above my price range), but here are some shoes worth noting:

These look so Marc Jacobs SS 2008. I love that milky peach color, but if you don't, there are three other colors to choose from. Selling for $74, down from $194. Not a bad price at all if you can't afford Marc's pumps!

This pair was the featured in the ideeli sales reminder email. It's not really my thing, but color blocking is quite trendy nowadays. Originally priced at $279, now on sale for $139.

I'm just a sucker for ankle boots. Those textures in the material are interesting, too. Originally $250, now selling for $99.

Here's my inner feline coming out...THOSE TASSLES ARE SO CUTE! And that hint of gorgeous! Retail price was $275, now selling for $110.

The sale ends in a day, so be quick! Here's an ideeli invitation for you!

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