Saturday, March 21, 2009

OMG, Erin Wasson selling her designer clothes for <$100!

Though I am sleep-deprived (took a thirty minute nap last night) from finishing an essay, the very last of my finals, I am too excited to sleep right now. But I'll be able to knock out anyway.

If you're around Los Angeles today, maybe heading to the beach, be sure to drop by Rogue Status in Venice. This retail store is owned by Erin Wasson's boyfriend, but why does that matter? Starting at 11AM and ending at 6PM, Erin will have a huge stock of clothes, straight from her closet, available for purchase with prices less than $100 and average costs of about $20. Better yet, all the proceeds are benefitting the Best Friends Animal Charity. So is Erin doing a bit of spring cleaning? Her explanation:
“My style has gotten a lot simpler and now that I’m designing, I want to wear my own stuff.”
That means she has to abandon the designer garments that have been collecting in her closet for years. Us Average Janes are not only being given the rare opportunity to purchase affordable Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga (freaking Balenciaga!!!) but also the chance to own a piece once owned by a modern fashion icon. My goodness, what a bargain. Unfortunately...I will not be able to take advantage of any of this. *HEAVY SIGH* I don't drive, nor do I even have a driver's permit (I passed the written test but thanks to my nearsightedness, I did not pass the eye exam).

However, if you plan to go to this heavenly event, please inform me of the sale's details through comment (right on this blog entry)! Layout of the clothes, order within the store, brands that were available, range of prices, all the nitty gritty!

Your journey in discovering affordable designer-dom starts here:

Rogue Status Venice

1720 Main Street, Venice, CA

Banner image: Copyright Todd Selby of (please don't sue!)

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