Saturday, February 21, 2009

Launch (with the help of Coco)

Here's my third Blogger. The first one emphasized my photography and ended within half a year, the extremely short-lived second Blogger emphasized my Beatles-related revelations (but it didn't get past my one and only post about my great respect for John Lennon). I've never been a fan of Blogger since I have little freedom to change my blog's layout unless I know plenty about HTML and how to use CSS, which I don't. Blogger makes me all frustrated and angry...

So here's another shot to actually keep a blog going (I have a personal Xanga that I've been actively using since 7th grade but that's totally different, sorta). I'll post my fashion musings that I can't share with others around me. I mean, I don't know many people who keep up with designer fashion. I've lived in a Abercrombie/Hollister/American Eagle/surfer wear-plagued SoCal suburb all my life. Not counting the first seven years. The only garments I cared about back then were my ugly-ass uniform clothes and my pretty Made in China summer dress.

To help me start my blog, here's fashion's newly red-headed Coco Rocha giving a bunch of her best poses.

That brilliant girl! The way she moves reminds me of the gymnastic routines from last summer's Olympic games. So quick, so eloquent!

Banner image: Vogue Italia January 2007. Editorial: Live on the Web. Photography: Steven Meisel. Model: Coco Rocha

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Hello, i'm anonymous said...

Hey. Im new at blogging and saw this is a new blog so thought id comment. I totally get what its like to love designer clothes and not be able to have it. Im excited to see how your blog turns out.

P.S. love your picture. i have issues too.